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FEMA Data Exchange (FEMADex)

Cloud based Big Data Analytical Platform

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is deployed in more than 10 regions worldwide and employs over 20,000 individuals. FEMA is responsible for leading the federal government’s emergency response activities before, during, and after a disaster. Every disaster can vary in size, severity, and damage. When a catastrophic disaster strikes, it can overwhelm the local and state governments to the point they cannot provide necessary resources. During these disasters, the federal government steps in to provide help through response support, federal programs, resources, and supplies. Since 2019, ADG has become a partner of FEMA in supporting their journey of becoming a Data-driven decision-making organization.


Emergency management data comes from many different systems and sources inside and outside the government, which means FEMA and its partners (state, local, tribal, and territorial, or “SLTT” entities) must collaborate closely to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted these problems but the need for rapid, accurate information impacts nearly every type of disaster and aspect of FEMA’s mission. FEMA’s on-premises legacy architecture made it hard to bring data together and share it collaboratively across geographies, and security issues baked-in obstacles to data sharing. Together, these factors made it challenging for FEMA to get data rapidly to disaster responders at all levels and geographies.


FEMADex is a multi-cloud platform to support all agency regions to deliver actionable insights to federal stakeholders. Instead of information remaining siloed, offices and programs across headquarters, regions, and the field analysts will be able to share their data with one another, working off the same information and a common operating process. FEMADex will also make it easier to exchange information with external emergency management partners to make sure aid and services are delivered to the survivors who need them the most.

FEMADex system has following key capabilities:

  • Automated integration of advanced analytical tools/services into the DevSecOps pipeline to spin-up a personal or team workspace on-demand with a combination of cloud-based tools.

  • Make data more secure, accessible, and resilient via cloud computing by using the secure FedRAMP-High-certified Amazon Web Services and Azure Government cloud.

  • Provide a centralized hub for FEMA data using Lakehouse architecture and intelligent search tools, so that information, dashboards, and reports are easy to find and share across teams.

  • Share information quickly and easily with SLTTs to help disaster responders save lives.


With FEMADex, complex models are prepared 40 times faster, which enables disaster responders at every level to move more quickly, with the same accurate information. For example, during a surge of infections across the nation due to COVID-19, our FEMADex platform helped FEMA analysts rapidly identify the resources patients needed to receive timely care. Today, FEMADex provides analytic results in less than one hour versus the previous 48-hour turn-around benchmark.

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