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Sr. Tech Lead / Technical Architect

Job Title

Engineering Subject Matter Specialist


1. Multiple architecture models: Microservices, Event-Driven, AWS Cloud Native Architecture, and Infrastructure Patterns, Containers, Service Mesh and API management platforms
2. Capturing technical requirements and defining technical solutions in service, conceptual, execution and /or technical views
4. Performing requirements traceability - operational and non-functional (e.g. horizontal & vertical scalability, performance, maintainability, load distribution, resilience, and recovery)
5. Developing ConOps and /or Solution Approach Outlines
6. Designing and presenting solutions
7. Developing transformation roadmaps



1.Programming Background with Java, Angular stack
2. Knowledge of  Orchestration tools e.g. Kubernetes, Ansible, Chef and /or Terraform

Education Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in business and management, information systems, computer science, or another related field

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