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ADG has supported various mission-critical solutions from a lot of our government as well as commercial clients. We have supported multiple day-to-day activities that include daily operations in a timely manner to our clients. With our thorough knowledge in this area, we have an extensive list of in house applications that minimizes the learning curve when we come into a client’s workspace and speeds up our production.


If you have a problem please do not hesitate to contact us. We will offer a free consultation where we will identify the problem and figure out how we can assist you in creating a short term and long term solution for your company.

Prime Contract Vehicles :


  • GSA Schedule MAS IT  # GS-35F-553GA Contract Period: July 18, 2017 - July 18, 2027

  • GSA STARS II GWAC # GS-06-0872Z Option Contract Period:  August 31, 2016 - August 30, 2021

        (under eSTARS Enterprise, LLC)

  • NITAAC CIOSP 3 GWAC 8(a) # 75N98120D00249 Contract Period:  July 11, 2019 - April 29, 2023

        (under ADG-REI Technology Ventures, LLC)

  • NITAAC CIOSP 3 GWAC SB # 75N98120D00031 Contract Period:  May 11, 2020 - April 29, 2023

        (under ADG-REI Technology Ventures, LLC)


Customers And Contracts that we had and currently Serving as a prime :


1.      SBA.GOV contract # SBAHQ-11-D-0002   

2.      CFBP – TBM project, task order # 9531CB190058

3.      HUD – DevOps/CICD project, task order # DUI00F-16-T-0002

4.      USAID – A&A PLAN - RPA RE-PLATFORM project, task order #72MC101M00008

5.      USAID – Enterprise Reporting Systems Project, task order #AID-C10-M-14-0009

6.      HUD –  DevOps/CICD,task order # 86543D18F00010

7.      FEMA – NEMIS project, task order # 70FA3018F00000739

8.      USCIS – Event-Driven Engineering Services (EDES), task order #70SBUR19R00000089

9.      FDA – Foreign Inspection Planning and Scheduling System (FIPSS), task order #HHSF22320810199W

10.   Suffolk County NY – Project Management Service, task order # 19-IT-020A

11.    FEMA - Enterprise Data & Analytics Modernization Initiative (EDAMI) & Prototype (FEMADex),

         task order # 70FA3019F00000723

12.    FEMA - Emergency Management Mission Integration Environment (EMMIE), 

         task order # 70FA3020F00000021

13.    USAID - Development Information Systems (DIS), task order # 72MC1020N00004

14.    USAID - Development Information Systems (DIS) Global Rollout Support, task order #72MC1021M00008

15.    FEMA - FEMADex Pilot Phase, task order # 70FA3021F00000475

16.    FEMA - FEMA EAD EAS, task order # 70FA5021F00000154

17.     FEMA - EC-IMCAD, task order # 70FA3021F00000449

18.     USCIS - ODOS III, task order # 70SBUR22F00000112

EStars Contract Services:


Team. We provide services to 8(a) STARS II buyers under the eStars Enterprise, LLC 8(a) Joint Venture. Contract Number: GS-06F0872Z

DUNS: 83-021-9247 Important Links. GSA 8(a) STARS II contract site


Contact Info:

ADG-REI Technology Ventures, Contract Services:


Team. We provide services to 8(a) CIO-SP3 & SB CIO-SP3  buyers under the ADG-REI Technology Ventures, LLC 8(a) Joint Venture. 8(a) Contract Number: 74N98120D00249 & SB Contract Number: 75N98120D00031

DUNS: 07-831-4225 Important Links. CIO-SP3 contract site


Contact Info:

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