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ADG Tech provides development expertise in such areas as web-based applications, turnkey application customizations, and building software applications from ground up. We have extensive experience in design and developing software systems. We analyze business processes, identify the existing system problems and faults, and build a complete quality solution.


Our professional consultants perform on-site sessions to analyze the client's day-to-day operations, which includes meeting with all the business partners within the client's processes. This initial analysis gives us a clear understanding of the client's business needs, including their hardware and software requirements, end-user expectations, security measures, and quality control needs. This analysis also finds the most effective way to solve problems at the design stage and minimizes the amount of time to identify a project's problems, strengths, and weaknesses.


The output of the design includes a detailed analysis of the physical database, logical database, process modeling, architecture, user interfaces, disaster recovery plan, network design, security measures, and any off-the-shelf software to be used. ADG develops the schedules, costs, and resources required, and implements the product based on the client's agreement. Our managers provide ISO 9001 QMS and deliver CMMI LEVEL 3 standard depending on the client's needs.


We offer expert services in:


  • Web Based Application Development

  • Content Management

  • ERP & CRP

  • Mobile Technology




Our application development and maintenance service provides our clients with an overview of the project before implementation, including estimates of time, cost, and complexity of the project. This service assures successful project implementation, saving our clients costly application development errors. ADG provides SEI – CMM LEVEL 5 controls based on the project's needs and budget.

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