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At ADG Tech we believe in offering much more than just a job; we strive to give you a full-fledged career. Towards this end we provide you with superior training and the opportunity to work in different industry and service practices on the latest technology platforms.


Developing software for our clients - among whom we count Fortune companies - is a fast-paced, challenging and result-oriented endeavor, and we do this in an enjoyable work environment. What we offer you is an accelerated career path that you can yourself design as you go along. We also offer a host of other tangible and intangible benefits that will transform you into a world class infotech professional.

What We Offer

ADG Tech offers a healthy competitive environment where we encourage people to achieve and progress in a positive direction. We also offer a competitive benefit package and career training related to the prospective job. If you would like more detail on what we offer, please contact us for details.

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